What Should I know When Comparing Different Types Of Artificial Grass

Aug 09, 2011

I was recently asked by a prospect, in terms of quality, what should I know when comparing different types of artificial grass?

A couple important points to look for when comparing quality of artificial turfs are; the width of the material, product backing, face weight and fiber types (blades of grass).

Synthetic grass made in the United States is 15 foot wide and fake grass from Overseas is made 13 Foot wide.

Overseas artificial grass has a latex single layer backing which is not as durable as the dual layer heavy duty urethane backings from the USA.

Once you have determined you are dealing with a USA turf product, most are measured by FACE WEIGHT. The face weight can vary from around 40 ounces to 100 ounces. Make sure it is the face weight being disclosed and not the total weight.

Next, you need to examine the artificial grass material. The pile fiber should be be 100% Dual-Color polyethylene, with a secondary thatch (curly blades that hold up the straight blades – thatch) of nylon or polyethylene.

There are USA artificial turf products that DO NOT use the second thatch of nylon or polyethylene but instead use polypropylene as their second thatch to reduce their cost and overall product price. Polypropylene secondary thatch is NOT as durable or rigid as the second thatch of nylon or polyethylene.

In summary, if your shopping for synthetic grass products you will make a much better educated decision by comparing the quality of artificial turf based on the width of the material, product backing, face Weight and types of pile fiber used.

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