Synthetic Grass Cost: DIY vs. Professional Installation

Jul 18, 2017

The benefits of synthetic grass are obvious — lower water usage, excellent drainage, and lower maintenance costs to name a few — but only if the job’s done right. Although installing synthetic grass is simple enough to do on your own, it can still be a complicated process. Similarly, hiring a professional artificial turf company does not always guarantee a perfect installation — there are qualities you should look for to ensure the best job done.

We outline the pros and cons of DIY and professional synthetic turf installation to help you decide what’s right for you.

DIY Synthetic Grass Installation: Fast, Easy, and Satisfying

The do-it-yourself mentality is one that’s steadily been gaining quite a lot of ground. Homeowners looking to improve the appearance of their homes have taken it upon themselves to do the work for a number of landscaping projects. Luckily, installing a synthetic turf lawn is relatively easy for the average homeowner.

It’s quick. Most projects that cover a 1500 ft. space won’t take more than a few days to complete. Depending on how much help you have, it can even be done faster.

Renting the right tools won’t cost a lot. Some landscaping projects require the use of large construction equipment, however, a synthetic grass installation only needs tools that can be operated by a single person. Sod cutter, compactor, carpet kickers, tampers — all can be rented from local companies.

It’s personal. An added bonus of the DIY route is the satisfaction you get from completing your own project. Hiring contractors might be an easier method for some, but if you’re the type who isn’t afraid to get their hands dirty then DIY is for you.

Professional Synthetic Grass Installation: Convenient and Quick

Finding time for family and friends between work and other priorities is difficult when you also have a home to maintain. That’s why hiring contractors and professionals has always remained a steady solution to most landscaping projects. A number of advantages offer busy homeowners a smart, time-saving solution to their landscaping needs.

It’s convenient. Hiring artificial turf installers means you can devote your time to other priorities or hobbies. All you need on your part is to know what your lawn or yard needs, and then you can leave it up to the pros.

It’s fast. Hiring professional synthetic turf installers takes the work away from you and places it into their capable hands. If they have enough experience, you’ll get a beautiful fake grass lawn without ripples, uneven edges, or other unwanted qualities. Just be sure to do your research to ensure that who you’re hiring knows what they’re doing and can handle the job.

Choose Your Ideal Installation Method

Whether you choose to install it yourself or hire professionals, both are viable options. Synthetic grass offers your home a natural look while saving water and time, so choose the method that’s right for your needs and get your lawn installed today!


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