Sunlight, Ultraviolet Rays, and Artificial Grass Lawns

Oct 17, 2017

How does ultraviolet sunlight affect a grass lawn? That’s a common concern for homeowners who live in areas that have very hot, dry climates. Although an artificial grass lawn can help solve some of the issues related to extra-dry conditions, many synthetic solutions can’t entirely overcome the problem of ultraviolet radiation. What can you do? It all comes down to the artificial turf product you choose.

Artificial grass from Artificial Turf Supply is especially suited to resist UV and stand up to the elements. Read on to find out what separates our turf from the rest.

Artificial Grass Materials

Even if you spend a lot of time maintaining and caring for your lawn, the elements may still be against you. Dry conditions may make it inefficient for you to provide your lawn with enough water to look and feel vibrant and green. Installing an artificial grass lawn to replace your real grass can help, however, you can go further by choosing the right kind of artificial grass material that thwarts the effects of UV rays.

Many artificial turf companies use polypropylene and/or nylon to recreate the feel and look of real grass. However, this choice comes at a cost — both materials are subject to damage from overexposure of UV rays. (Not to mention other disadvantages — especially nylon, which is a poor lawn material due to its hard and stiff feeling!) Polyethylene is the preferred material of choice for homeowners concerned with UV-ray degradation. All of Artificial Turf Supply’s products use polyethylene offering exceptional UV-ray resistance.

The Melting Point

One common criticism from those who don’t fully realize the potential of artificial grass is that a synthetic lawn can melt under super-hot conditions. This is only partly true, as the issue has less to do with the material itself and more to do with the placement of your lawn. For example, a patch of lawn that is placed in an area that gets hit with a super-reflective surface (such as a window or glass door) will become damaged whether it is real OR artificial. Homeowners must be conscious of where their lawns will be located relative to the rest of their home to avoid instances of lawn-melting.

Artificial Turf Supply has the synthetic grass solution you’re looking for to resist UV-ray degradation and stand up to any and all inclement weather. Contact us today and find out what you need, where to install it, and how to solve your lawn problems.


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