Which States Benefit Most from Artificial Turf?

Jul 01, 2017

For all of the varied uses of artificial turf, not all homeowners may understand the full breadth of its capabilities. The reason for this is that artificial turf is especially advantageous to homeowners located in certain states. Although most homes may benefit from artificial turf, a home in one of the states listed below has so much more to gain.


Although one side of it is entirely comprised of coast, California is known as a desert state. It is also in the midst of a severe drought, which has caused a multitude of water conservation laws to be put in place as an effort to save that most precious resource. Artificial turf lawns allow California homeowners to follow these laws, as they don’t require water to serve their purpose of providing a pleasant home appearance.


The Grand Canyon State sees very little rainfall. Combined with Arizona’s very hot summers, you get lawns that for much of the year don’t look anything like the vision of vibrant green beauty you want. But homeowners have found a solution in artificial turf, which stays green no matter how dry it gets.


The state of Nevada is more than just Las Vegas, the city of lights. Lake Tahoe, the Sierra Nevada mountain range, and the Colorado River make up some of its notable geographical features, but despite all that natural charm, the state still only gets about 7 inches of rainfall a year. That can be damaging to the long-term enjoyment of your lawn — luckily, artificial turf is a popular means of retaining a lawn’s healthy, natural grass appearance. And it’s great for putting greens, too!


Colorado is famous for its outdoor activities. Environmentalism is also a rising movement among much of the state’s population, which has led to a public shift away from the use of pesticides. As such, artificial grass has seen a surge of popularity in Colorado, as it removes the need to use pesticides to keep a lawn healthy. Instead, its tough synthetic fibers are resistant to insect damage, leading to a lasting, eco-friendly lawn.

New Mexico

The high desert regions of the Rockies is responsible for a number of landscaping headaches. For northern New Mexico property owners in particular, a year-round healthy green grass lawn can be difficult to come by — that’s why many have begun turning to artificial turf. Different grass styles and colors can capture a specific grassy look for a uniform, consistent appearance.

Are you a homeowner in one of the states mentioned above? What color is YOUR lawn? Consider artificial turf and get the green lawn you deserve!


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