Why Southern California Athletic Fields Should Use Artificial Turf During the Drought

Dec 22, 2016

Southern California’s agreeable climate facilitates many kinds of field-based sports. From football and baseball to soccer and golf, these sports can be played professionally or recreationally all year round. As such, the field that players use must be able to withstand constant use, which makes artificial turf an ideal playing surface for Southern California athletic fields.

The argument for artificial turf over real grass has gone on for decades. But if you consider California’s current needs amid a severe four-year drought, you’ll see there’s never been a better time for an athletic artificial turf. Here’s why:

Artificial turf helps meet California water conservation requirements.

Although a statewide effort has led to significant improvements in water conservation, we need to continue our efforts to get through the drought. Artificial turf is one way we can make a huge difference.

Traditionally, the upkeep of a well-used athletic field that uses real grass depends on effective water management. However, achieving this has become challenging as of late. Restrictive water conservation mandates imposed by the state can make it difficult to give fields the water they need. This is where an athletic field made from artificial turf can be a tremendous help. Synthetic grass sports turf offers a playable, well-kept playing surface that also meets any and all state water conservation requirements.

Athletic artificial turf requires minimal maintenance.

Many athletic fields in California that were once green and healthy have gone brown amid the drought. But appearances matter, even in the world of sports. To maintain a healthy-looking athletic field that also gives players a usable surface, artificial turf is the ideal.

You must expend a lot of effort to keep real grass fields in good playing condition. Watering, trimming, and cutting can take up a lot of time and resources. An athletic field made from synthetic grass provides a sturdy and vibrant playing surface without the need for constant maintenance. A single simple installation supported by an extensive warranty makes an artificial turf field a long-lasting solution for cutting back on maintenance needs.

Artificial turf is a multi-use material.

The athletic fields of professional sports stadiums aren’t the only ones that need help during the drought. California schools and universities also require usable sports fields, and therefore can benefit from the low-maintenance, water-conserving qualities of artificial turf.

Many California educational facilities have had to cut back on irrigation to meet the state’s demands, and as a result their fields have been reduced to little more than hard dirt. Artificial turf presents a viable solution for these facilities that can make these surfaces safer for students to play on.

What’s next for the drought and artificial turf?

Since June 2015, California has saved over 2 million acre-feet of water. Now, a new draft plan has been released that will focus on more long-term conservation efforts on the local level rather than statewide. Artificial turf will continue to play an important role in helping California overcome its water challenges amid the drought.


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