Where the Kids Play: Using Artificial Turf as a Playing Surface

Feb 02, 2017

For many parents, keeping their children safe while they play is a number one priority. However, telling kids to wear a helmet isn’t always enough; choosing where they play can be just as important. From parks and playgrounds to open fields and even at home, the places we let our children play should meet our high standards of safety.

Locations that use artificial turf are offering a safe choice for kids. Although real grass is still the norm, artificial turf is rising in popularity as an effective alternative.

Playing at Home

Many parents these days know the challenge of getting the kids to go play outside. It’s even worse after a rain storm. You don’t want them playing in the mud and bringing the mess back in the house—not to mention the dangers posed by slippery surfaces.

An artificial turf installation lets you send the kids outside as soon as rain has gone away. You don’t have to wait until the grass dries up before letting them release their pent-up energy, as an artificial turf lawn drains water. The kids’ playing space is limited to the turf, but that’s better than them being cooped up in the house for another day.

On the Playground

Playgrounds and parks offer kids a lot more space to run around than a backyard. However, the increased square footage means parents have to watch over a larger area.

More and more, we see parks and playgrounds using artificial turf as a safe playing surface. The soft, non-abrasive quality provides parents with peace of mind. And unlike sand or mulch, you won’t bring any home with you.

Fun in the Field

Extracurricular activities like sports help keep kids busy. Soccer and softball are two great, safe choices for kids that can be played on any field, provided they have the necessary equipment. However, kids don’t always have the option to play on real grass. Bad weather can leave fields not only unplayable but dangerous. Muddy puddles can obscure large holes in the ground—accidents waiting to happen.

Both indoor and outdoor synthetic turf fields have grown more common over recent years. Their resistance to weather and general, all-purpose use allows kids to practice many different sports at all times of the year.

Artificial Turf: A Good Choice for Kids and Parents Alike

You may not be able to control every aspect of where your kids play, but that’s where artificial turf can help. Its recent surge of popularity indicates more parents are trusting it to provide a safe surface for their children to play.

Artificial turf from Artificial Turf Supply is certified lead free, non-abrasive, and long-lasting. For more information, please call 1-877-525-TURF (8873).


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