Common Applications for Commercial Artificial Turf

Jan 18, 2017

Artificial turf has become increasingly common in homes, stadiums, and fields. They add beauty all year round and allow owners to save money on maintenance. One other lesser known area also benefits from artificial turf—commercial buildings. Applications for commercial artificial turf are as many and varied as the businesses that use them. Here are a few common applications for artificial turf that help add year-round beauty for many businesses.


Making a good first impression is important for businesses. The entrance of a business’s headquarters should ideally impress potential clients or new employees, and beautiful landscaping can achieve this. But sometimes the weather has its own agenda; a bad storm can leave your grass muddy and unattractive, causing your guests to doubt their decision to visit.

An entryway that uses artificial turf instead of real grass will have a much easier time during the rainy season. Artificial turf is installed on infill, which when rained on does not absorb the water. Instead, water is filtered through, so your entry won’t be flooded or muddy.


Traditionally, meetings with employees as well as prospective clients are held in stuffy conference rooms. This has led to some businesses scheduling meetings on the patio, as the change of scenery breaks up the typical corporate environment. Patios that use artificial turf can also provide a breath of fresh air, and can be used indoors or outdoors. Another advantage of patios with artificial turf is that they never have to be watered, cut, or trimmed.

Event Areas

Establishments like country clubs often host weddings, receptions, and parties. Due to their generally large attendance, these events can be very lucrative. However, the lawns these events are hosted on can get worn, forcing you to postpone the next event until your lawn is repaired.

Artificial turf is an ideal surface for country clubs because you can host more events closer together. Without the need to maintain the lawn, you won’t need to wait long until you pencil in the next big appointment.

Artificial Turf for All Your Commercial Uses

Properties that want to save money and have a beautiful year-round appearance can benefit from artificial turf, and that includes commercial buildings. Although entryways, patios, and event areas commonly use synthetic turf, it is flexible enough to be used in many more areas.

How will businesses use artificial turf to save money and add year-round beauty this year? Let us know!


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