Is Artificial Turf a Long-Term or Short-Term Solution?

Jan 06, 2017

Artificial turf can last for around 20+ years, but what does that really mean? Will you have to keep putting money into it over that period of time, or will artificial turf offer you a truly long-term solution?

Whether you want to reduce your water bill or devote more time to your weekend hobbies, you’re mainly concerned with saving time and money either in the present or far into the future. Take a look at the reasons why you’d want to consider artificial turf and whether or not it can be an effective long-term solution.

Artificial Turf: The Solution for Any Weather?

One of the main reasons why you’d consider installing artificial turf is the effort of maintaining a lawn during bad weather. With real grass, your lawn is at nature’s mercy. A very wet rainy season can turn your healthy green lawn into mud. On the other hand, a drought, such as the severe drought California is currently in, can completely dry out a lawn.

Having an artificial turf lawn saves you the effort of reseeding after every season. Tough synthetic fibers can withstand extreme heat and cold, and infill such as Envirofill ensures the ground stays solid yet comfortable without getting muddy or dry.

Maintenance: How Much Time Do You Really Need to Spend on Artificial Grass?

The other main feature of artificial turf is its low maintenance needs compared to real grass. But for that to translate into meaningful long-term effects, you must consider the actual effort you expend on maintenance. Real grass demands watering, trimming, and weeding, while artificial turf maintains its green, healthy look without the need for much of any of that.

The infill in the artificial turf lawn contributes to its low maintenance needs. Certain types of infill inhibit the growth of bacteria, mold, and mildew. This limits rot as well as the number of weeds that grow around your lawn, leading to less time spent bent over in the yard. These same mold and bacteria resistant qualities also allow an artificial lawn to withstand pet messes.

Make the Switch and Save

Making a switch to an artificial turf lawn is an attractive prospect to many homeowners. Knowing it can have long-lasting effects means you can rely on it to be a smart investment. Real grass offers long-lasting use as well, but with more maintenance and more water. To truly feel the effects of a long-term lawn, artificial turf is a viable solution.


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