Why Artificial Turf is Best for Hot Climates

May 09, 2017

Spring is in full swing, and all across desert states like California the weather is already beginning to heat up. Summer will bring with it even more heat, making the lawn a hot place to spend time on. Artificial turf lawns of the past have been criticized for conducting heat, making them much too hot to use, but improvements in fake grass technology have made them comparable to real grass — and in terms of how cool they are in heat, perhaps superior.

Read on to learn why you should consider having your lawn made from the best artificial turf.

Appearance and Durability

Hot weather can dry up the yard quickly, and unless you like the look of a dead bed of grass you’d be wise to choose a more long-lasting lawn. Artificial turf can more than suffice for the lack of a real lawn, as you can find all types that emulate not only the look but also the feel of real, authentic grass.

Warping Prevention

Another aspect of hot climates can be the effect the heat has on the artificial turf material itself. Cheap fake grass made with low quality fibers and backing will not only look shabby but may stretch with the heat as well. When your lawn develops large rolls or “wrinkles” in its surface due to changes in temperature, you’ll wish you’d splurged for a higher quality artificial turf!

Envirofill is a recommended artificial grass infill if you live in a hot climate. Proven to lower lawn temperatures by 25 percent, as well as a resistance to all forms of harsh weather, Envirofill ensures year-round use of your lawn.

Summer Water Conservation

The demand for an environmentally sound lawn is especially high during the summer. Restrictions on water usage are felt more prominently, as the daily demands of regular bathing, cooking, and even up-keeping a garden often requires more water during the summer.

Artificial turf lawns remove the need to use precious water — as well as eliminate the risk of going over your regulated amount — by requiring zero water. Advancements in fake grass manufacturing have led to truly waterless lawns, even during extremely hot temperatures. Removing the need to waste water on your lawn conserves it for use in the kitchen sink, the guest bathroom, or wherever else it’s needed.

Artificial Grass is the Answer

With such advantages available to you, it’s clear that hot climate homes can benefit from an artificial grass lawn. Artificial grass is also ideal for commercial or sports use for all the same reasons, making it a versatile, dependable choice all year round.


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