Artificial Grass Does More Than You Think

Sep 26, 2013

The Artificial Turf Supply blog gives you plenty of reasons why you should choose artificial grass over natural.  However, there is another huge reason to choose synthetic that we haven’t yet covered in the blog.  Believe it or not, choosing artificial grass can help out the environment.

When you select artificial grass, you are joining in the “Go green!” movement.  Outdoor artificial turf helps to eliminate water waste which is a big issue in our country.  In recent years, many of us have learned about the importance of conserving water.  Many families across the country are attempting to help this issue by only doing their laundry at certain times of the day.  Other families have contributed to water conservation by using a limited amount of water when watering their grass and plants.

Another way that selecting synthetic lawn turf can help the environment is that is uses sustainable products.   Synthetic grasses are made with recycled and sustainable materials.  This helps to reduce waste on the planet.  Artificial grass also doesn’t require toxic fertilizers and pesticides as natural grass does.  These products are full of chemicals that can have a devastating impact on the planet.

One more added benefit you give to Mother Earth through choosing an artificial lawn is that you will no longer have to use a lawn mower.  We have enough pollution in the air from all of our cars, the last thing we need is to add to the problem with lawn mowers!

The choice is clear: choose artificial grass and you will, in turn, help the planet.


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