The 6 Benefits of Synthetic Turf

Jun 06, 2017

One of the most common debates against synthetic grass is simply that it is not natural grass. While there is no disputing this fact, this article will highlight all of the benefits that synthetic grass offers and prove that just because it’s not natural doesn’t mean it’s not better.

1) Saves Water

Unlike natural grass that requires approximately 50,000 gallons of water per week during growing season to look healthy, turf doesn’t need water to survive. While it can can benefit from natural rain as it will assist with washing the grass, it is not critical for the turf.

2) Lower Maintenance Costs

Despite the low maintenance involved with turf, when it does need maintenance it can be quite costly. This is because instead of watering, mowing, or pulling weeds, turf needs to occasionally be refilled, repaired, or vacuumed.

3) Longer Periods of Play

When hosting a sports tournament on a natural grass field, eventually the players would have to stop playing due to the ground becoming uneven and potentially unsafe to play on. The limited use from natural grass is one of the reasons why turf is a better choice. Despite it also needing a break, turf can withstand hours of play for a longer period of time which makes it more ideal for extended periods of use.

4) Effective Drainage

As long as the turf was properly installed, it will drain much faster than natural grass. This is predominantly because of the turf having a drainage layer of fabric that disperses the water. While the turf will not dry instantaneously, it is easily usable after a light rainfall or when washed.

5) Environmentally Conscious

While synthetic turf isn’t naturally occurring like grass, it doesn’t mean that it is not environmentally conscious. In fact, turf exemplifies environmental properties through the fill selected and through its preservation of water.

6) Less Mud Puddles

The last benefit of synthetic grass that we want to highlight is the fact that it reduces the amount of mud puddles in a yard. While playing in mud may be fun for small children, it is not ideal when a sport tournament is taking place. Luckily, the efficient drainage with synthetic grass means that there will be less puddles of water or mud on the field.


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