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The Eco Benefits of Artificial Grass

Of course installing an artificial grass lawn can help save you money. So why not help the environment while you’re at it?

When you install an eco lawn, both you and the environment will benefit. This is because artificial eco grass overcomes the shortcomings of authentic grass while succeeding in today’s eco-friendly environment. So when you sit back and relax on your eco grass, you’re actually helping the earth.

Less Water Use, Lower Water Bills

One of the most obvious advantages of having an artificial turf lawn is not having to water it. This means you get to save big on your monthly water bills. If you live in California, this is not only a big help for your wallet but for the entire nation.

States across the USA have been experiencing decreasing water levels, so any effort on your part benefits the greater whole. Eco turf grass is just the thing you need to make a positive impact on a nationwide scale!

A Healthy Year-Round Appearance for Your Eco Lawn

Eco turf grass lets you save the earth and look good doing it. Unlike real grass, artificial eco grass will retain its green, healthy appearance in every season. No more withered lawns in winter or dry fire hazards in summer. From the day you install it, eco friendly turf gives you a lawn you can enjoy.

Artificial grass has never looked so much like the real thing as it does now! You can choose a style of grass that looks and feels the way you like—and you’ll get to enjoy it all year long.

No Pesticides or Fertilizers Needed

One of the most significant advantages to using an eco lawn is that it is installed on artificial grass infill instead of dirt. This significantly reduces its need for regular maintenance, meaning you won’t have to use pesticides or fertilizers to have it looking its best.

Traditional grass lawns that use pesticides and fertilizers can send poisonous runoff into water supplies. This can pollute drinking water and destroy habitats. This kind of environmental impact is something we shouldn’t be doing to our planet anymore. Not when there is such a clear alternative in eco grass lawns.

Additionally, an eco grass lawn helps you cut down pollution. Exhaust from gas-powered motors will be a thing of the past, as you’ll never have to cut or trim your eco lawn.

Make an Eco Friendly Difference with an Artificial Lawn Installation

It simply is not eco friendly to maintain an authentic grass lawn anymore. Not if you want to do your part! Install an artificial grass lawn and start making a difference. It’s the smart, modern way to help the environment.


Why an Artificial Grass Lawn is Perfect for a Tiki Party

Hosting a tiki party can be a fun end to the summer months. However, all that foot traffic could leave your backyard looking in need of some serious lawn care. That is, unless your lawn is made from artificial grass!

Getting everything just right for your tiki party includes having a well-kept lawn. Make sure your tiki party will be the best ever with a fake grass lawn!

Turn Your Yard into a True Tropical Paradise

Appearances are everything in a tiki party. How else can you expect to transport your partygoers to a tropical paradise if your backyard doesn’t look the part? Bamboo, tiki torches, orchids and other tropical flowers—these are all great ideas for a tiki party. You can even add cheap luau party supplies for that authentic island look.

But don’t ignore the effect a good-looking lawn can have on your party’s appearance. After all, people are going to be spending a lot of time on the lawn, they should enjoy their time on it!

An artificial turf lawn will stay in top form for the entire duration of the party. Even if you live in drought-stricken California, your lawn will look green and healthy for your tropical tiki theme party.

Add Comfort to Your Tiki Party

Once the party gets underway and everyone starts to relax, they might feel inclined to take their shoes off. It wouldn’t be a real tiki party without some barefoot revelry, would it? Many would agree that the feel of grass beneath your feet is a small price to pay for shedding some of your carefully planned tiki party attire.

However, some might feel skeptic toward your synthetic grass, thinking it won’t have the same feel as authentic grass. What a surprise when they find that it feels just like the real thing! These days, artificial grass offers plenty of realistic comfort for kids, pets, and even tiki-partying adults.

Artificial Grass Makes for an Easy After-Party Cleanup

The fun really starts once you get into your tiki menu ideas: finger food and cocktails! But as the party goes long into the night, people might start to have a little too much fun. Drink spills can be a bummer, but don’t let that ruin your fun—your artificial grass lawn has you covered.

Artificial grass helps cut down on your post-party cleanup. Once the fun is over you won’t have to perform much more lawn care than a spray of water. Now that’s lawn treatment!

Who knew a synthetic lawn could add so much to a tiki party? Make sure your artificial turf installation is in place before the big night arrives!


How California’s Drought is Changing Minds about Artificial Turf

Many Californians find artificial turf to be a controversial topic. Long-standing bans on artificial turf installation have caused its popularity in the Golden State to wane over the years. However, artificial turf has recently begun gaining support in areas that had previously written it off, including California’s own capital city, Sacramento.

Consider the fact that California’s drought has been going on for over four years. It’s gotten so bad it has prompted statewide water restrictions and conservation efforts. Among these efforts is the choice to replace your lawn with artificial turf.

Surely this means artificial turf is helping with the drought—right?

Sacramento’s Stance on Artificial Turf

Sacramento has had a ban on artificial grass for over three decades. The reason? “It looks tacky” was the public’s feeling on it in 1984. However, this sentiment is changing with the times.

Last June, the Sacramento City Council committee voted 3-1 to consider lifting the artificial turf Sacramento ban (Source: The Sacramento Bee). While this is not a firm decision in favor of it, it’s definitely a step in that direction.

Why Artificial Turf Deserves Another Look

Admittedly, artificial turf hasn’t always been the great-looking product it is now. Sacramento’s 1984 artificial turf ban was during a time when residential artificial turf was rare and looked about as authentic as a putting green or sports field. Now, however, fake grass looks more and more like the real thing, and artificial turf companies in California enjoy more business than ever before.

With all the advancements in looks and quality artificial turf has made over the years, it’s no wonder that even staunch opponents are starting to see the value in it. And considering the possibility that the drought could last a while longer, government support for installing artificial turf could be a really good thing toward California’s drought efforts.

Is Artificial Turf Leading the Drought Management Effort?

You know what they say—desperate times call for desperate measures. The enduring nature of the drought is causing many California cities who have an artificial turf ban to rethink their policies. Some have already embraced it as an ideal solution by offering turf discount programs to remove your lawn and replace it with fake grass. If more California cities follow, we just might be able to turn this drought around.

Does your city have an artificial turf ban? Call your local government before installing yours to find out. You might be able to take advantage of a rebate program and get discounted artificial turf prices!


Colleges Show Their Smarts by Installing Artificial Turf Football Fields

Did you know that artificial turf got its start in sports? Since then, many sports fields—college football in particular—have begun using artificial turf.

College football fields across the U.S. are considering or have already implemented artificial turf fields. The reason? It’s one of the smartest, most economical, and most eco-friendly things a college can do these days.

Why Some Colleges Choose Artificial Turf

But how does artificial turf help the college itself?

A study from sports blog Vanquish the Foe explores the reasons why some colleges install artificial turf while others do not. The study reveals that schools with money and moist climates choose traditional grass fields. However, those with more stringent school budgets turn to artificial turf to save on water consumption and regular maintenance. Those with money and either arid or cold climates sometimes have both real and synthetic grass.

The study makes one thing clear: Having a real grass turf can cost a lot of money. With the right climate, wealthy colleges can afford to maintain traditional real grass fields. But for schools who would rather use their resources to manage budgets, artificial grass is the way to go.

Synthetic Turf with Non-Traditional Colors

For some colleges, their field turf represents more than an economical advantage. Some universities take pride in having an artificial turf football field. How else can you explain the number of increasing blue, orange, and even purple artificial football fields?

Boise State University has the honor of having one of the most controversial synthetic fields. Nicknamed the “Smurf Turf” for its vibrant blue grass, the field gained notoriety not only for being the first synthetic college field but also for the all-blue uniforms the team wears on home games—a fact the team’s opponents found controversial.

What the Future Holds for College Fields

Colleges are known for taking stances on the latest environmental issues. Synthetic turf is one of the ways they do this while offering their football teams a different way to play. It is likely that not every college will choose to install a synthetic turf, but with time, who knows?

Colleges who can afford traditional lawns usually have them. However, more frugal and environmentally conscious colleges are turning to synthetic turf as a viable answer to their eco-friendly challenges. As more colleges turn to artificial fields over authentic fields, the conservation advantages of artificial fields are becoming fairly clear.

Does your college use artificial grass? Share us your thoughts in the comments!


A General Guide to Artificial Turf Rebate Programs

Replace your lawn with artificial turf and getting paid for it sounds pretty good, doesn’t it? But where do you start?

Receiving your rebate isn’t as easy as you might think. That’s why we’ve put together a general guide to help you learn how these artificial turf rebate programs work. So if you want to learn what to expect, read on!

Find Your Rebate Eligibility

“Eligibility?” That’s right. You can’t simply swap your lawn for turf grass and expect a check in the mail. You first have to see if your lawn is eligible for a rebate before you start your project.

Many artificial turf rebate programs have similar eligibility requirements. These programs look at a variety of factors to determine your eligibility:

  • Your location
  • How much lawn you are replacing
  • Your lawn is alive, not dead
  • Your lawn meets the terms and conditions of your city

Synthetic turf rebate eligibility may vary, but most programs will likely require you to fill out this kind of information first. For example, the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power requires that 40% of your new lawn contain drought-resistant plants, while agencies may find your lawn replacement enough.

Replace Your Lawn with Artificial Turf

If your lawn is found eligible, now comes the fun part—you need to replace it. After all, you can’t just have a dirt lawn. Such a thing can seem unsightly to your neighbors and draw the ire of your Homeowner Association.

That’s where installing artificial grass comes in. Once you’ve replaced your lawn with a year-round vibrant synthetic turf, you have to prove it. Most programs will ask you to take both before and after photos of your lawn for verification.

Look Up Your Artificial Turf Rebate Now!

Time to act fast. These synthetic turf programs won’t last forever. Many programs are only offering artificial turf rebates for a limited time. Funding could run out potentially at any moment, so you need to follow this guide and find out if there’s still time for you to get synthetic turf.

These programs aren’t trying to make things difficult for you; they want you to replace your turf! But you have to put in the effort to prove you’re doing what these programs are designed to accomplish—reducing their respective city’s water use.

Now that you have an idea of how these of synthetic turf programs work, you can approach your landscaping with confidence. If you’ve followed our guide, soon you’ll be enjoying your synthetic lawn—and your extra cash from your rebate!


Why San Diegans are Adding Artificial Turf to Drought-Friendly Landscapes

In spite of the mandatory water restrictions in California, San Diego residents are serious about keeping their yards looking good. Many have chosen to preserve the classic look of a vibrant, green lawn by installing artificial grass. This gets them a great-looking lawn and—more importantly—a lower monthly water bill.

However, other San Diegans have been following another trend, one that combines artificial turf landscaping with the natural California climate.

You already know how artificial turf landscaping can get your lawn a beautiful year-round appearance. But if you’re looking for an additional way to enhance your home, these drought-friendly yard tips can do the trick.

Artificial Turf Landscaping Complements the California Climate

Artificial turf landscaping offers you the ability to add vibrant green pathways or lawns throughout your home. And since you don’t need to water artificial turf, you’re obeying the state’s water restrictions.

San Diego County has what horticulture experts call a Mediterranean climate—that is, a subtropical climate with dry, hot summers and cool, wet winters. This climate supports a wide variety of native plants that can survive with minimal to no regular watering.

This report from NBC San Diego shows some of the top drought-friendly plants San Diego County residents are currently beautifying their yards with:

  • Bougainvillea
  • Rosemary
  • Statice
  • Manzanita
  • Germander

Add artificial turf landscaping, and you’ve got a yard that is all but completely water and maintenance-free!

Why San Diegans Must be Careful

Turning to drought-friendly landscapes isn’t only better for your water bill. It can even be safer for your home. If you think you’ll save water by just letting your lawn brown and die, think again. Considering California’s volatile fire season in recent years, dead grass is a fire hazard you don’t want to keep around.

That’s why drought-resistant plants are gaining so much attention. They enhance the look of your home while providing healthy plants that help the soil and add greenery to your yard. So make the smart choice and add them to your turf grass!

Start Turning Your Yard into a Beautiful California Landscape

Wondering where to start? Try starting small.

Replace the most sun-kissed portion of your yard with artificial turf landscaping, or decide the first of your water-guzzling plants to swap out. Just make sure to choose the best artificial grass style to match the colors and design of your native plants.

Once you combine artificial grass with native California plants, you’ll create a hybrid desert landscape that’s as visually appealing as it is drought-friendly.


How Artificial Grass is Helping Central Californians Save

Artificial grass has been popping up all over the parched properties of central California. It’s pretty clear why: these cities are now officially facing some of the state’s highest water restrictions.

In light of the recent water restrictions passed in early May, both home and business owners in central California must make serious efforts to keep their water bills low and their grass green.

Artificial grass is quickly becoming one of the top ways central Californians are dealing with the effects of the state’s three-year drought. If you live and work in central California, now may be the perfect time to get yourself some new artificial grass.

What Are Some of the Water Conservation Rules in Central California?

The water board results came in on the fifth of May. Central California cities such as Bakersfield received a whopping 36 percent water reduction from their current usage (Source: Mercury News). This means that homes and businesses who have already reduced their water usage must now drop it even further.

For some, that news is pretty bleak. However, some central Californians have already begun lowering their water bills by installing fake grass.

Why Artificial Grass is the Ideal Water-Saving Solution

You can take advantage of many other methods to help you save water and money. But many central Californians are finding that the addition of fake grass is an affordable and convenient solution to their problems. Some families in cities such as Modesto were already preparing for the impending changes to the water laws by installing artificial turf.

If the statewide water cuts are currently hindering you from having a vibrant green lawn, artificial grass may be just what you need. With the money you save, you could afford a whole lawn’s worth of artificial grass to enhance your home’s appearance. And you’ll be saving water too!

Fake Grass Gets You a Long-Lasting Lawn All Year Round

No matter if you are a business owner or a homeowner, you can save money and water with synthetic grass. A synthetic lawn can help you easily meet the new conservation laws and give you a lawn that still impresses.

A synthetic grass lawn can look great even when the central Californian sun gets at its driest. Our own LXR Pro series of fake grass is made from high quality components that resist the sun’s UV rays. With a life expectancy beyond 20 years, this fake grass offers you long-lasting quality.

Worried about how long the drought will last? The fake grass products from Artificial Turf Supply feature an extensive 8-year warranty. Should anything happen to accidentally damage your synthetic grass, a quick call to us can set it right.

In fact, you can call us right now at 1-877-525-8873 and get started on finding the right type of turf for your central Californian home. Start saving today!


Synthetic Grass Gives You Green All Year Round

The classic American home: the white picket fence, that perfect green lawn. Well, that look takes quite a bit of upkeep (and money) to keep it looking its best. And even with your best efforts, the weather may have other plans in store for your picture-perfect home.

Don’t despair just yet: using synthetic grass instead of real grass can give you that iconic appearance all year round. We at Artificial Turf Supply have outlined several ways you can enjoy the green of your synthetic grass at any time of the year.

Cut Back on Lawn Upkeep with Synthetic Grass

Think of all those Sundays you spend mowing, trimming, and weeding your lawn. Now imagine if you could instead use that time to enjoy your lawn: playing, relaxing. Which would you rather do?

A synthetic grass lawn can help you get back to those true lazy Sundays. Without any of the messy upkeeping to do, you’ll have all the time in the world to sit back and enjoy a family picnic.

For a home that stands out from the rest, you can even choose from different colors and styles of artificial grass. Wherever you live in the U.S., you can find a style of fake grass to match your climate. For example: in water-regulated California, you can mix drought-resistant plants with the LXR Pro synthetic grass series to give your yard a natural look.

Reduce Your Lawn Care Costs (and Your Water Bill) with Artificial Grass

Fake grass gives your home a year-round pleasing appearance, but it has practical benefits as well. If you’re looking for a new way to “save some green” this year, synthetic turf is a sure way to do it.

Switching to artificial grass can get you serious savings on your monthly water bill. And if you take advantage of the various cash rebate programs currently available, you can get even more “green” for your lawn.

Saving money on your water bill isn’t just great for your wallet; it’s also good for the environment. Artificial grass is the perfect alternative for properties affected by drought or water regulations that still want to maintain good-looking grass.

“Go Green” with Synthetic Grass from Artificial Turf Supply

Americans spend billions of dollars upkeeping their lawns every year (Source: American Green, 2007). It’s understandable; green grass can add to the visual appeal of your home. However, that “greenness” often comes at a cost.

That’s why now is the perfect time to “go green.” You’ll save money, and you’ll have a lawn you can enjoy all the time, no matter if you’re in a drought or are weathering a harsh winter.

Consider installing your own synthetic grass this summer. Not only will you save money in the long run, but you’ll also have the satisfaction of putting it in yourself. A DIY turf grass project can even make your neighbors green with envy!

Go green—go synthetic grass!


Replace Your Grass with Artificial Turf and Get a Cash Rebate

Ask yourself: What if you could replace your grass lawn with artificial turf so you’d never have to mow or water again?

Now ask yourself this: What if you could get paid for doing so?

If you live in Southern California, you might have already started picturing how your home looks with a synthetic lawn. This is because several rebate programs have begun offering residents of Los Angeles, San Diego, and other SoCal cities the chance to trade in their grass lawns for cash.

Artificial turf grass has been providing California residents lower water bills for many years. But considering the Golden State’s current water crisis, the incentive for you to check out these rebate programs—and synthetic turf prices—are better than ever.

Learn Which Rebate Programs are Right for Your Artificial Turf

You’ve seen how great synthetic lawns look, and you’ve decided that’s how you’d like to replace your grass for your rebate. However, not every rebate program will pay you for replacing your grass with an artificial turf installation.

The rebate programs are funded by the cities themselves or by other agencies in an effort to reduce water usage and replace lawns with more eco-friendly alternatives. While artificial turf fulfills these requirements, not every program will accept artificial turf as a suitable replacement.

Whichever rebate program you’re considering, the typical offer you’ll find is a certain amount per square foot of grass. However, you’ll definitely want to do some research before you make your decision.

Choose Water Conservation and Get Paid

Choosing synthetic turf installation gets you more than a pristine, green look you get all year round. Artificial grass can help you cut back on your water use, fulfilling the restrictions mandated by the state of California.

Once you’ve chosen your ideal rebate program, it’s time to start looking for a synthetic lawn. Don’t worry if you haven’t done much research yet on artificial turf prices. In many cases, the amount you receive for replacing your lawn can cover the entire cost of artificial turf.

A word of warning: the cities are providing the rebates on a first come, first served basis. If you want to qualify for your rebate and get the synthetic turf you’ve dreamed of, you shouldn’t delay.

We at Artificial Turf Supply want to help you get the best synthetic turf to serve your needs. Before you call us and inquire about our synthetic lawns, be sure to check with your water agency or city to make sure it will qualify for the rebate you’ve chosen.


Is Your State in a Drought? Use Artificial Grass to Keep Your Curb Appeal

Droughts are making it awfully hard to keep your home looking its best. Water restrictions have been imposed on many states. As a result, you can’t water your lawn whenever you like anymore, at least not without risking hefty fines.

However, the look of your home is important to you. How can you keep up your home’s appearance during a drought?

Artificial grass from Artificial Turf Supply is a sound, ultimately cost effective, and low maintenance solution. If you have yet to see how fake grass can help your home’s curb appeal, simply read on.

Solve Your Drought Problems with Artificial Grass

In this recent article by the New York Times, 37 percent of the contiguous United States was reported to be in at least a moderate drought. For example, California is currently experiencing severe, extreme, and exceptional droughts. A 25 percent water reduction has been mandated to local water agencies.

This puts your lawn in serious trouble. Without the usual amount of watering, you could be looking at a brown front yard. Such a sight is a major eyesore to your neighborhood.

An artificial lawn can restore your home’s beauty, and also lets you avoid big fines that may result from overwatering. Artificial grass replaces your entire lawn and can provide your home with a vibrant, lasting look. You won’t even have to mow your lawn! Fake grass gets you an even, clean-cut appearance any day of the week, giving you more free time and less water-related headaches.

Want to save water and money? Synthetic grass helps you do exactly that. Residential artificial grass prices will save you money in the long run, both in water bills and in maintenance.

Synthetic Grass Gives You a Year-Round Gorgeous Home

The droughts won’t end with the warm season. You used to be able to save a little on your water bill during the winter when your lawn required less watering. But the water restrictions will likely endure long past the summer months.

This is where artificial grass can be absolutely invaluable. Unlike regular grass, fake grass will never wither; your home will always look its best, no matter the season.

Take Advantage of Artificial Grass Today

Fake grass offers many advantages over regular grass:

  • A vibrant appearance all year round
  • A lower water bill
  • An eco-friendly alternative to grass

For quotes on the cost of artificial turf, or to learn how to install synthetic grass, contact us at Artificial Turf Supply. We’ll help you find the most water-conscious solution for your beautiful home!


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