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Is Your State in a Drought? Use Artificial Grass to Keep Your Curb Appeal

Droughts are making it awfully hard to keep your home looking its best. Water restrictions have been imposed on many states. As a result, you can’t water your lawn whenever you like anymore, at least not without risking hefty fines.

However, the look of your home is important to you. How can you keep up your home’s appearance during a drought?

Artificial grass from Artificial Turf Supply is a sound, ultimately cost effective, and low maintenance solution. If you have yet to see how fake grass can help your home’s curb appeal, simply read on.

Solve Your Drought Problems with Artificial Grass

In this recent article by the New York Times, 37 percent of the contiguous United States was reported to be in at least a moderate drought. For example, California is currently experiencing severe, extreme, and exceptional droughts. A 25 percent water reduction has been mandated to local water agencies.

This puts your lawn in serious trouble. Without the usual amount of watering, you could be looking at a brown front yard. Such a sight is a major eyesore to your neighborhood.

An artificial lawn can restore your home’s beauty, and also lets you avoid big fines that may result from overwatering. Artificial grass replaces your entire lawn and can provide your home with a vibrant, lasting look. You won’t even have to mow your lawn! Fake grass gets you an even, clean-cut appearance any day of the week, giving you more free time and less water-related headaches.

Want to save water and money? Synthetic grass helps you do exactly that. Residential artificial grass prices will save you money in the long run, both in water bills and in maintenance.

Synthetic Grass Gives You a Year-Round Gorgeous Home

The droughts won’t end with the warm season. You used to be able to save a little on your water bill during the winter when your lawn required less watering. But the water restrictions will likely endure long past the summer months.

This is where artificial grass can be absolutely invaluable. Unlike regular grass, fake grass will never wither; your home will always look its best, no matter the season.

Take Advantage of Artificial Grass Today

Fake grass offers many advantages over regular grass:

  • A vibrant appearance all year round
  • A lower water bill
  • An eco-friendly alternative to grass

For quotes on the cost of artificial turf, or to learn how to install synthetic grass, contact us at Artificial Turf Supply. We’ll help you find the most water-conscious solution for your beautiful home!


Thank You Again Artificial Turf Supply!

After hours of researching online for the best artificial turf to use for my DIY backyard project I finally landed with Artificial Turf Supply. Their prices strictly cannot be beat for the quality of product that you receive. The customer service I had received was excellent and the ordering process was painless. After prepping my yard with their helpful online guide I was ready to finally lay the turf. It was very simple to lay and even where I pieced two pieces together is virtually invisible. The turf looks great and my kids can play in the yard without getting thorns in their feet or getting bitten by fire ants. Thank you so much for your excellent customer service and an amazing product. I would recommend Artificial Turf Supply to anyone and will defiantly be ordering more turf from your company in the future for other projects. Everyone that sees the yard ask about who installed the turf or how they could get it done to their yard. Also, I’m sure the resale value of my home increased due to the new yard let alone not having to water or maintain it and it’s always green! Thank you again Artificial Turf Supply!
-Phil Eskew


Artificial Grass Saves Money, Find out How Much

At Artificial Turf Supply, we’re always boasting about the cost benefits of artificial turf. Synthetic turf has helped many homeowners and businesses save big on landscaping costs, irrigation, and lawn maintenance. Cities, schools, and athletic clubs save money, too. But how much can you really save by installing fake grass in your home or office? We have a calculator for that!

Artificial Grass Savings Calculator

Artificial Turf Supply is excited to offer the Artificial Grass Savings Calculator, a fast and easy way to see exactly how much money you will be saving when you install synthetic turf grass.

Using the calculator is easy. Simply enter your monthly costs for lawn maintenance, water, and other expenses related to lawn care, such as sprinkler maintenance. You will also need to know the width and length of the area you wish to cover with synthetic grass. Once this information is entered, our calculator will reveal the amount of money you will save monthly as well as over a ten-year period.

Wholesale Prices

If you’re ready to invest in artificial grass, the savings keep getting better. As a manufacturer-direct retailer of synthetic turf products, we’re able to provide you with the best products on the market at wholesale prices. So you will be saving not only in the long run, but also up front when you buy wholesale artificial turf.

To learn more about our products, please contact Artificial Turf Supply today.


Get Professional Support for Artificial Grass Installation

One of the best things about our artificial grass turf is that it’s easy to install. But that doesn’t mean that everyone can do it. Although synthetic turf grass has become a popular DIY project for consumers around the world, many people find that they need professional support and guidance during the installation process. Fortunately, Artificial Turf Supply offers just that. Here’s a brief look at the various types of services we offer for customers who need professional support.

Installation Guide

Complete and easy-to-understand, our synthetic turf installation guide includes everything you need to start and finish an installation project on your own. The guide features a list of the tools you will need, how to prepare the area for installation, and how to install the fake grass project. The installation guide also features helpful tips, including how to maintain synthetic lawns, how to clean fake grass, and how to cool it down during heat waves. If you follow the guide, you shouldn’t run into any problems.

Phone Support

Although our installation guide is thorough and helpful, there are times when you might need to speak to a professional over the phone. Simply give us a call and talk to one of our helpful staff members, who will be more than willing and able to provide you with the technical guidance you need and answer your questions.

Professional Help

If you’re not comfortable with installing fake grass on your own, consider hiring a professional installer. As a leading artificial turf manufacturer, we have access to a database of the best professionals in the industry. Use our handy database to find an installer near you. A professional installation will save you more money and problems down the line.

To learn more about how we can help you with your fake grass installation, please call us today.


Get Creative with Artificial Grass

At Artificial Turf Supply, we’re always surprised by the creativity of our clients. Many of our customers have come up with unique ways to incorporate synthetic turf into various indoor and outdoor projects. Indeed fake grass can be used in many ways, from landscaping homes and businesses to creating safe surfaces for playgrounds. But you don’t have to limit yourself to the projects you see in our gallery. We challenge you to come up with new ways to use fake grass, and we will help you bring your project to life.

Share Your Vision

If you have a new purpose for synthetic turf, tell us. Give us a call and we can discuss your project and take a look at your plans or drawings. Once we have a good idea of what you want and need, we can help you buy synthetic turf according to your project goals and budget. We offer a wide selection of artificial turf products, making it easy to find just what you need.

Get Started

Once you’ve determined the type of fake grass you will need, simply order your product online and we will ship it directly to your home or place of business. Our website is rich with information on how to install your grass, which tools you will need, and how to maintain your grass for years to come. With the right help, materials and tools, artificial grass installation should be quick and easy. If you need assistance, you can hire a professional installer near you.

Enjoy the Benefits

Whether you’re designing a rooftop garden, an indoor play area, or a unique project we have never heard about, your new artificial grass project is sure to offer many benefits! Fake grass is eco-friendly, durable, and safe for children and pets. It’s nearly maintenance-free, and can be enjoyed for up to 10 years without the need to replace or repair the turf. To learn more, please contact us today!


IRWD Turf Removal Rebate

Remove Green. Receive Green.

Irvine Ranch Water District (IRWD) customers are saying goodbye to the hassle, maintenance, and expense of their lawns.

Potable water customers eligible to receive $2 per sq. ft. of turf removed
Recycled water customers receive $1 per sq. ft. of turf removed
250 sq. ft. minimum– NO Maximum
Synthetic turf is now eligible for funding.

Act fast- Funds are limited and applications will be processed in the order they are received.

Click Here to learn more


Hickman High Schools Enjoys Benefits of Artificial Grass

A high school in Columbia, Missouri installed synthetic turf at its baseball stadium just in time for unpredictable weather this spring. The Columbia Daily Tribune reports that Hickman High School is now enjoying the benefits of artificial grass because they don’t have to reschedule practice time during rainy season.

According to the article, rain was a major issue for the Kewpies baseball team who often had to either cancel practice or play in the gym. But not anymore. The coach now knows “where his team is going to be when it’s time to practice or play.” The article is a great example of why so many schools switch to synthetic turf playing fields. According to the article, the school no longer has to repair a damage field after the rain, roll out a large tarp, or rake infield dirt. The players as well as the coach love the new field.

At Artificial Turf Supply, we’re eager to help schools and sports facilities across the nation experience the benefits of artificial grass playing fields. In addition to extending playing and practice time, synthetic turf fields are safer to play on than natural grass fields. They’re also considered a better investment. Although artificial grass prices are costly in the beginning, schools end up saving money in the long run because they don’t have to pay for irrigation or maintenance costs.

If you’re interested in learning more about installing fake grass in your stadium or baseball field, please give us a call. We have a large selection of wholesale artificial turf designed for athletic fields. We can help you determine which type of turf is best for your project. We can even provide you with a quote online.


New Jersey High School to Receive Three Artificial Grass Fields

South Brunswick High School in South Brunswick, New Jersey will be receiving three fake turf grass fields, South Brunswick Post reports. The new fields, which include one football field and two multi-purpose fields, will be used by the school’s athletic teams and band members.

According to the article, the artificial turf installation will cost about $3,570,000. While it might seem like a large investment, South Brunswick High School will be saving money in the long run on water and maintenance costs. This is because fake grass doesn’t require irrigation or traditional lawn maintenance, such as mowing, fertilizers, and pesticides.

But South Brunswick High School is not the only institution that is saying yes to artificial grass playing fields. At Artificial Turf Supply, we’ve helped thousands of high schools and universities across the country save time and money by installing synthetic turf fields. In addition, many schools choose fake grass because it’s safer to play on than natural grass playing fields.

If you would like to install fake grass in your high school or university, we can help. We’ve developed some of the most advanced synthetic turf products on the market designed specifically for athletic fields including football, soccer, and baseball fields. We can help you select the right turf for your project and provide you with tools and information you need to get the job done right the first time. We are proud to carry high-quality products at wholesale prices. Visit our website to request a quote or buy synthetic turf for your school today.


Notre Dame to Install Artificial Grass Football Field

Yet another university is saying yes to artificial grass. The Los Angeles Times reports that Notre Dame University near South Bend, Indiana is receiving an artificial turf football field, a project that will be completed by August 31. According to the article, this means the football team will be playing on fake turf for the opening game against Rice.

Why are so many universities, high schools, and sports facilities switching to fake grass playing fields? There are many reasons, one of which is safety. At Artificial Turf Supply, we’ve developed our athletic-grade fake turf with safety and durability in mind. Our synthetic turf sports fields are more durable and safer than natural grass fields. In fact, they have been shown to reduce athletic injuries by 40 percent, making them the ideal choice for athletes and coaches around the country.

Another reason many facilities switch to synthetic turf is cost. Although artificial grass prices are more expensive up front, a fake grass playing field is considered a long-term investment that pays for itself in water and maintenance costs alone. Finally, a synthetic turf playing field extends practice and playing time. Why? Because it doesn’t get destroyed in the rain or after heavy use. Unlike natural grass playing fields, sports teams can play and practice on the turf without having to wait for scheduled maintenance or repairs.

If you’re interested in installing fake grass in your football stadium, please contact us today. As leading artificial grass suppliers, we carry the best-quality fake grass for the game of football. We also provide synthetic turf for baseball, soccer, and golf. Visit our website to get a quote or learn more about artificial grass installation today.


Carmel High School to Receive Artificial Grass Fields

Carmel High School in Carmel, Illinois will be receiving a new synthetic turf grass field on three athletic fields at the high school, reports Current in Carmel. According to the article, the $1.9 million contract will include two practice fields and a soccer field. The project is expected to be completed in June.

According to the article, the school district decided to replace natural grass fields with artificial lawn turf because it will extend practice time. For example, natural grass fields are usually “unusable in late fall and early spring,” however synthetic fields make it possible for athletes to play and practice “anytime the temperature is above 30 degrees.” The article also lists three reasons the new fields will be superior to natural grass playing fields. According to the article, the new fields will prevent cancellations, avoid injuries, and remain intact during practice time.

But Carmel High School is not the only school in the nation that has invested in fake turf. In fact, a growing number of schools are already enjoying the benefits of synthetic turf playing fields. At Artificial Turf Supply, we’ve manufactured the best quality athletic turf on the market. What’s more, we make it easy and affordable for schools across the nation to invest in artificial turf.  Along with fast delivery services, our prices are extremely low. That’s because we are manufacturer direct retailer of synthetic turf. To learn more about athletic turf or to get a quote for artificial grass prices for your project, please contact us today.


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